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Rebutting the Me Me Me claim about the Millennial Generation.

To put together his Time cover story, “The Me Me Me Generation,” Joel Stein used the overabundance of personal information present on the internet to exploit the millennial generation, and to perpetuate the age old adage that life was better back in the good old days (see the Satyricon for a very early example). And since a disproportionate amount of young people are savvy with new technology, and are more likely to use it, it must have been simple for Joel Stein to compile the evidence he needed to bash the younger generation. But the millennials did not invent this technology; it grew with us, and still does. It was fed to us at every age, changing every few years to something new we would have to adapt to. And with older people’s lack of an ability to operate new technological devices as well as the younger generation can, it seems new devices were aimed at us. We do not exist in a vacuum, we live in the world left to us by the previous generations, and yes that includes you Joel Stein.

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